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New Wallpaper (Love and Vvar)

16 Nov 2004, 09:57 pm

Hot off the presses. Get the latest desktop background from Lja MultiMedia. I was tired of my old stuff, so here is something new, entitled Love and Vvar. The 'vv' in Vvar means 'w'.

This wallpaper has since been retired. It was ugly.

XML Hax Test Run

14 Nov 2004, 10:53 pm

This is the first test post created for the dirty hax XML system created by yours truly. Yeah, I know, I've just invented the wheel for the millionth time. But hey, it's less than one page of python.

Everything seems to be working so far. The next step will be to place the whole site under the control of XML Hax. Coming soon.

Nobody Expects Pink Fractals

24 Oct 2004, 07:34 am

This site now has a whopping seven different styles to choose from. But, there is still no style persistence yet, so it's all pretty useless. Users of clients with no alternate stylesheet (such as IE) support get only the default (neo pink, as I call it). And while users of clients with limited alternate stylesheets support (likeMozilla) can see the other styles, but they don't stick, so they're just as useless.

I also fixed a boat load of ugly spelling errors. Expect more updates soon. Such as a massive overhaul of the links page.

Slight Website Update

15 Aug 2004, 11:39 pm

The Gaming section is now up, but only the DnD and M:tG sections are up at the moment. There has been a slight revision of these pages HTML code. Most pages now link to five different stylesheets (including the new gaming section default: Dark Ages). I don't yet include a method to persist stylesheet choices, but I saw some cross platform javascript I will be experimenting with in the near future. Also included in this update is a bit of a navigation system. But not much. I don't care for having huge swathes of screen real estate used by menus and side bars and other stuff irrelevant to the topic at hand.

New Job == Long Time No Post

15 Aug 2004, 10:21 pm

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I've got a new job and haven't been able to post anything in a while. The websites I've been frequentling lately are: Grocklaw Wizards of the Coast Giant in the Playground Twisted Matrix Laboratories * Python dot Org I'll be posting some neat photos soon. They're really cool.

Computer Security

17 May 2004, 09:43 am

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I used to be into computer security, but hadn't really followed it recently. I heard about Sasser and company and decided to get some more info. It took a bit of looking just to find out what exploit the worm uses to propagate. Here are some computer security related sites.

Blame the Spooks

15 May 2004, 11:02 pm

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As I've long suspected, it has come to light that the CIA and other black ops factors are behind the abuse of prisoners in Iraq. When one knows about CIA interrogation tactics, the abuse comes as no great surprise.

14 May 2004, 08:42 am

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I've always been interested in calendrics and I recently found some interesting info at I didn't even know there was a The front page is of utility if you need to know what time it is in the United States. Considering that Ma Bell charges for time service now, this in itself is cool. (Of course, if you've got net access to the net, you could get better accuracy with Network Time Service (NTS@USNO, NTS@NIST).

The interesting part is the "time exhibits" section. Here you have a virtual museum of time keeping. You'll notice that not all of the sections are at Poking around the other sites is sure to lead to more goodies.

The Stuff of Dreams

11 May 2004, 09:03 pm

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I've been having strange dreams lately, so I've been looking for good sites on dream interpretation. So far I've only found mediocre ones:

If you know of any better places, please email me.

Physics and Alchemy

10 May 2004, 02:06 am

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Hmm, I seem to be posting a bit erratically. I guess I'll have to work to remedy that. Considering the amount of web browsing I do, I should be able to supply a steady stream of nifty links for your browsing pleasure, but my laziness interferes. Of course, if (as I suspect), nobody reads this drivel anyway and the whole exercise on my part is a waste of bits and bauds, then a conservative posting rate might be ok. Well enough pointless introspection, on with the content:

On the scientific front, I recently discovered that Stephen Hawking has his own website. For those of you who don't know who Dr. Hawking is, I'll just say that he's a remarkable theoretical physicist who's risen to the height of his chosen field despite a crippling (literally) motor disorder. He's been compared to Albert Einstein, but is modest enough to decry such as nonsense. I recommend his book A Brief History of Time to everyone. It gives a broad and largely non technical introduction to modern physics.

On the other end of the scale (Stephen would likely be appalled), I've found several good sites on alchemy. Adam McLean's site is very large and has some information on actually practicing alchemy, not just historical information. Mark Stavish's writings include information on Alchemy and other topics. His Practical Plant Alchemy series seems to be a good place for the modern student who wants to begin the Great Work. The only problem I see is how to convince the neighbors that you're not operating a meth lab in your basement.

Job Seeker

3 May 2004, 08:38 pm

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I need a job. Being unemployed really isn't cool. Anyone know of a position for a coder with only a high school dimploma, but mad technical skills. I learned to program in 3rd grade and I've been running Linux since before the hype (~98). My only problems are a lack of post secondary education and no work history to speak of. I know today's popular programming languages (C, Java, Perl, Python, Etc.) and HTML, CSS, XML, and related internet tech. I'll work in the mail room if there's the possibility of advancement into a tech position. My pay requirements are minimal. Interested parties can see my resume.

The resume this points to is kinda' out of date, but it's still pretty accurate. If you want to hire me, you can still feel free to contact me using the information therein.

Creationism in the Classroom

21 Apr 2004, 09:20 am

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The Ohio school board has given in to creationism political pressure to alter their biology curriculum. Luckily, the ACLU (and others) is planning on suing to prevent this from happening. Creationism isn't science (even if you call it "Intelligent Design" or "Creation Science"). It's obviously metaphysics and as such, religious in nature. In the United States, metaphysics is reserved for post-secondary education, which is as it should be. Ohio's will actions further damage the already poor state of American science education; Hopefully, they'll be stopped before to many children are mislead.

Spain and Iraq

19 Apr 2004, 07:24 pm

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Regardless of your position on the Iraq war and/or Spanish involvement in said war, basic democratic principles dictate that the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero must act as he has done. He promised to remove the troops unless the UN took over whilst campaining. Unless he wished to pervert representative democracy and reneg those promises, the honorable thing to do whould be to remove the troops. I suppose that moves Bush's criticisms to the Spanish public.

Some have charged that this amounts to capitulation and appeasement following the Madrid bombings. Not so. Hints have been dropped that Spanish troops will remain in Afghanistan and troop numbers there could increase. If the Spanish authorities really want to respond properly to the Madrid bombings, to move their troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan might be a good step.

The bulk of the info in this post came from NPR and BBC radio. I don't feel like digging up links, but the same info should be on the sites.


17 Apr 2004, 11:12 pm

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In regards to the never ending middle east conflict, see Gen 16. When reading this passage, the prohetic import seems emmense. Then again, the alternate reading in footnote 2 could moot the whole theory.

Ancient Scripts and Symbols

11 Apr 2004, 04:54 pm

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Omniglot is really comprehensive, but it's lacking some obscure rare scripts. Ancient Scripts, a similar site with a focus on older writing systems, can fill in some of the gaps. For a guide to non writing glyph like symbols, see Symbols. Unfortunately. it only covers western symbols.

The Tenth Planet?

9 Apr 2004, 02:40 pm

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I heard a report on the BBC regarding the discovery of the "tenth planet" a few days back. I was bothered that the planet was named Sedna. If the object is a planet, I feel it ought to be given a GrecoRoman name. While looking for more info, I found that the object's discoverers consider it a planetoid. In that case, an Inuit name would be acceptable. The suggestion to name the object "Micky" (after Micky Mouse and Pluto) is clearly stupid. At the moment it's official (temporary) name is "2003 VB12". Another thing that bothered me is that I'm in the camp that see Pluto and Charon as a binary planet system, thus Charon being the tenth planet.

I'm not much into astrology, but this discoveries effect on modern astrology could be interesting. Modern astrology incorporates the planets not known to the ancients, and some practitioners chart large asteroids also. In that case, it'll probably have to be incorporated regardless of it's final classification. However; it's orbit takes over 12,000 years, so it'd spend approximately a millennium in each house if it's orbit weren't so eccentric. As is, it'll be shorter in some houses and longer in others, but I suppose the astrologers have had to handle that sort of thing with Neptune anyway. In sidereal astrology (not much practiced now-a-days), the actual position of a body such as this matters, but in whatever the other branch is called ("pop"?, "popular"?, "newspaper"?), they don't actually use real astronomical data, so I don't know how they treat eccentric orbits.

And Now For Something Completely Different

8 Apr 2004, 05:34 pm

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Whilst reading up on all things blog related, I found some articles on how to code for RSS and RDF feeds. Also mentioned are the large amount of feeds that are malformed in some way. While the author includes "parse at all costs" fallback code, a better solution would be to fix our feeds. Having no real involvement in the technical end of my blog (I use mostly out of laziness coupled with a fuzzy feeling google gives me), I wondered if my feed was valid. Using a validator I found, my feed appears to be valid. It's apparently it's in the new fangled atom format. Is that good or bad? On a related note, are your web pages valid?


6 Apr 2004, 06:14 pm

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Did you know that there's 24 different ways to spell kabala? According to this definition's usage note, there are "no less than two dozen" spellings. Inspired by the rules-sucks-o-meter, I worked out the permutations and made a Kabala-Spellings-O-Meter:

Spelling Count
kabala 80,900
kabalah 14,300 *
kaballa 4,000 *
kaballah 15,100
kabbala 143,000
kabbalah 375,000
kabballa 476 *
kabballah 3,550 *
cabala 99,800
cabalah 1,490
caballa 23,200 †
caballah 434 *
cabbala 6,850 *
cabbalah 5,600 *
cabballa 157 *
cabballah 57 *
qabala 17,800
qabalah 50,600
qaballa 1,030 *
qaballah 2,360
qabbala 2,500 *
qabbalah 6,940 *
qabballa 46 *
qabballah 144 *
Google considers it misspelled.
False positives are included.

Myan Herioglyphs

4 Apr 2004, 04:50 pm

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While HalfMoon is a good resource for learning the basics of Mayan herioglyphs, it's collection of glyph images is very small. A full catalog is available at The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project. The best front end to their database is at Princeton. With these resources, one can go beyond the basics and attempt serious study of Mayan writing.

The frames based front end is no longer hosted at Princeton. It's now at the main MED project site.

Some Reference Works

3 Apr 2004, 01:58 pm

Originally Posted Via Blogger

For a free open reference on all subjects, I'd suggest Wikipedia. This is a collaborative encylopedia created in a wiki wiki like manner. Some parts are incompleate, but no human gathering of information can encompas the infinite reality. Besides, if you know what isn't included, you can add it :)

For digitised books on metaphysical subjects see Early Christian Writings, Early Jewish Writings, Sacred Texts, and last (but by no means least) Project Guttenburg.

Dream Releases and Blog

2 Apr 2004, 07:25 pm

I've got a blog now. Plus, vers 0.0.5 and 0.0.6 of the Dream RPG Engine are now at Sourceforge.

The above mention blog was at, and was a brief experiment. All of the posts have been imported into this blog, so I changed the link to point to the front page.

All Matters of Wizardry

2 Apr 2004, 07:25 am

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Apparently blogs are the in format these days. I suppose my website is too old school to be popular now. I'm interested in wizardry, modern wizardry like hacking on computers and programs. Ancient wizardry such as shamanism and magic. Technical wizardry such as nuclear physics and the applications thereof, quantum physics, relativistic physics, etc. Artistic wizardry such as Leonardo da Vinci, M. C. Escher, J. R. R. Tolkien, Michelangelo, etc. Architectural wizardry as protected by old kingdom Egyptians, Neolithic Europeans, imperial Mayans, and Gothic Freemasons.

A good resource for the linguistically minded is OmniGlot. They cover everything from this Roman alphabet I'm using now, to the heiroglyphs of Egypt and South America. Early alphabets such as Phonecian, Greek, Hebrew, and Italic, are covered, complete with evolutionary connections. Almost all known writing systems, including modern constructed systems. Has numerous links for each system.

For the full details on Mayan writing and calendar see HalfMoon. More to come :)

Dream back at original Website! (woot)

15 Feb 2004, 02:35 am

I'd long lost the password, but I finally remembered that I'd setup ssh :P

I've also made the blue hex theme for the Dream website as a little celebratory bonus.

Beta Testers Wanted

6 Feb 2004, 07:33 am

A friend of mine (Tim Cilibrasi) is a coin collector. He wanted a program to database coins. I've finally cleaned it up and packaged version 0.1.1 (Beta).

This beta requires Python with tkinter.

Hack and enjoy!

Dream RPG Engine 0.0.4 (Alpha) Released

4 Feb 2004, 03:07 pm

I hope to have an official public beta soon. In the meantime, I've posted the current codebase.

More Links

29 Jan 2004, 04:49 pm

Get the latest links I've collected. I've yet to 404 check them.